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Association de production, organisation de concerts + Strawberry Fest / Lille, FR
Fondée le 22 avril 2015.

Past shows :

2020 : Al Doum & The Faryds, Charlotte Van Smedt dj set, Hannah Williams & The Affirmations, Kids From Atlas, Modern Nature, Orange Dream, Sir Keith dj set, The Toy Commander, Umut Adan, Wargirl…

2019 : Acid Baby Jesus, Ava Luna, Ben Jones, Biche, BirdPen, Blue Lips, Camera, Cheap Wine, Chris Cohen, Corridor, Dälek, The Dandelion, Dharma Bum,  Fleuves Noirs, Frankie and The Witch Fingers, Froth, The Gotobeds, The Groundswell Motion, Hand Habits, Homeshake, Ilgen Nur, Joe Tex & Brother Jam, Jouis, Kevin Morby, Klaus Johann Grobe, Left Lane Cruiser, Life Pass Filter, La Récré, The Limboos, L’Objet, Louis Aguilar, Lord Barnaby, The Lumberjack Feedback, Lune Apache, Mercure, Mr Cool, Mythic Sunship, Nick Waterhouse, Night Beats, Nouveaux Climats, Olden Yolk, Omni, One Sentence Supervisor, Orange Dream, That Green, The Pack AD, Rémi Parson, The Psychotic Sidewinders, Scott Gilmore, Temps Calme, The Shivas, Sir Keith, Smoota, Stake, The Stevenson Ranch Davidians, T/O, Triptides, Unschooling, Walter Brückmann, The Warlocks, We Need A Plumber, Xiu Xiu, Yn, Zig Zags.

2018 : Alex Cameron, The Altered Hours, Beechwood, Black Market Karma, Fred Bodysway, Born Ruffians, Calibro 35, Camera, Cool Ghouls, Crack Cloud, Dätcha Mandal, Dead Meadow, Benjamin Defer, Dewolff, Dirty Deep, Exploded View, Flat Screen Radio, Fools Ferguson, Forever Pavot, Golden Dawn Arkestra, Great Mountain Fire, The Groundswell Motion, Gun Outfit, Halo Maud, Harry Willis Jane, Holy Wave, Howlin’ Jaws, June Bug, Jack Ladder, Jelly Bean, June & Lena, Karma Sutra, Klaus Johann Grobe, The Kvb, L.A. Witch, Lena Deluxe, Lord Barnaby, Magic Mathias, Minami Deutsch, The Myrrors, Nouveaux Climats, November Polaroid, Ochs, Okay Monday, Orval Carlos Sibelius, Penelope Fuzz, Psychic Ills, The Psychotic Sidewinders, Public Psyche, Rhone Poulenc, Saso, Sir Keith, Tahiti 80, Tapeworms, The Toy Commander, Trans Van Santos, Triptides, Ulrika Spacek, Ulysse, Vertigo, Weekend Affair, White Wine, Yan Wagner, Scott Yoder, Shopping, Wild Raccoon, Hannah Williams and The Affirmations, Yolande Bashing.

2017 : Acid Baby Jesus, Alex Cameron, Beach Fossils, Beat Mark, Better Person, Birth of Joy, Black Market Karma, The Blank Tapes, Blondi’s Salvation, Bryan’s Magic Tears, Camera, Cian Nugent, Chastity, Château Brutal, Chocolat, Cocaine Piss, Cosmo Sonic, Dirty Deep,  Ducktails, Elephant Stone, The Holydrug Couple, House of Wolves, The Jefferson Slim Sheik Experience, Johnny Mafia, Karma Sutra, Kikagaku Moyo, King Mud, Las Rosas, Laetitia Sadier, Lena Deluxe, Louis Aguilar, Moonwalks, The Night Owl News, Nouveaux Climats, Old Moonshine Band, The Paperhead,  The Pack AD, Paillette Tempête, Pastel Coast, Plastic Man, The Proper Ornaments, Requin Chagrin, Roken is Dodelijk, Ron Gallo, Sam Lowry, Sam Nolin, Shadow Motel, The Shivas, Super Bravo, Syd Kemp,  The Underground Youth, Tapeworms, Twirrl, V.Love, The Warlocks, Wild Raccoon, Yak.

2016 : Aidan Knight, Aloa Input, The Altered Hours, Baptizein and Secret Yolk, Beach Youth, Black Market Karma, Black Waves, Boytoy, Bror Gunnar Jansson, Camera, Car Seat Headrest, Civil Civic, Chocolat, Cobalt Cranes, Cool Ghouls, Daniel Bachman, Dead Coast, Dead Ghosts, Dj Beepee, Fenster, Fonzie, Gemma Ray, Good Morning Tv, Halo Maud, Hannah Epperson, Heaters, His Clancyness, Holy Wave, Jimi Ben Band, Jimmy Whispers, Karma Sutra, Klaus Johann Grobe, L.A. Witch, Le Duc Factory, Lena Deluxe, Leonie Evans, Levitation Room, Lieutenant Cobb, Louis Aguilar, Low Bats, Lsd and The Search for God, Marietta, Micah P. Hinson, The Missing Season, Mofo Party Plan, Mohdd, Monk Parker, Moon Duo, Nadia Reid, Night Beats, Novella, Requin Chagrin, Rhone Poulenc, Scott Yoder, The Scrap Dealers, Seabuckthorn, Selecta Olif, Selector Akoibon, Selector QPR, Shadow Motel, Shopping, Slow Steve, Sound Sweet Sound, The Staches, Syd Kemp, Tapeworms, Tau, T/O, Ulrika Spacek, The Underground Youth, The Vacant Lots, Vertigo, V.Love, White Wine, Wild Raccoon, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Woods.

2015 : Alex Calder, Cavan Moran, Cayman Kings, Château Brutal, Chocolat, Danny Kroha, Dirty Deep, Flat Screen Radio, Ivory Lake, Jimi Ben Band, Kelley Stoltz, Kids K’Neils, Lena Deluxe, Lieutenant Cobb, Parlor Snakes, Selenian, Shannon and the clams, The Shivas, V.Love, The Wands, The Warlocks, Wild Raccoon.